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Our Tenants Voice

The following testimonials illustrate the quality of services provided by SAH:

  • I like my house
  • I have no complaints I am happy with the way your staff have managed things. Always polite and have the time to discuss matters efficiently
  • Great service…helpful honest staff. Thank you
  • Whenever I’ve contacted your office re the issue of maintenance or repairs it has been addressed quickly and professionally. Well done

The following case studies illustrate the work we do in providing a personalised and holistic service alongside key partners and stakeholders. 

Case Study 1

We placed a tenant in a property in 2007 from the government housing list, following support and referral from The Salvation Army, Towards Independence programme. Since this time we have worked to ensure the stability of the tenancy. The tenant was referred to employment and training providers by our employees and has now completed a nursing degree and secured employment as a full time nurse. Feedback from the tenant includes statements that “my housing and contact with Salvation Army Housing’s tenancy worker and related support services has helped me keep on track and stopped me from becoming homeless again”. 

Case Study 2

A tenant was a refugee who came to Australia a few years ago. He was housed by in a refugee programme with another agency; however this was not a permanent option. He needed to find alternative accommodation, which was very difficult because even though his English was improving, he struggled to understand the process of looking for housing, and he was on a very low income.

He moved into a Salvation Army Housing unit in 2011. He was extremely grateful, loved the unit, and moved in almost immediately.  He had issues with utilities debt that was caused by connection and charging errors. Due to his English, he was unable to sort this out on his own.  His tenancy worker was able to get people form a Salvation Army programme to assist him. The tenancy worker also had several conversations with the utility provider and the tenant was finally given a large refund for the money he had overpaid. The tenancy worker also linked him in with The Salvation Army, as he expressed interest in volunteer work for the agency.  Every time the tenancy worker sees him he tells her how grateful he is to have such a lovely home and those we have been so helpful.


We publish regular newsletters for its tenants and stakeholders. Please download one of our newsletters: