Youth Alcohol and Other Drugs
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Youth Alcohol and Other Drugs

What we aim to do: Salvation Army Pathways Alcohol and Other Drug Youth Outreach   Program provides intensive case management support to young people, who are experiencing significant issues with alcohol and other drugs.

Workers act to empower young people in creating a wider variety of support networks. Each young person will have their own individual treatment plan (ITP) designed to address specific alcohol and other drug issues.

Who is eligible? Young people aged between 12-25 years of age, who currently have issues or are at risk in regards to Alcohol & Other Drugs.

Location of services: Hume Region

More about this service:  Each young person who experiments or regularly use alcohol and other drugs will have a unique and different experience.  The effects on each young person will vary as well as impacting on different aspects of that young person’s life.

Young People who access the ALCOHOL & Other Drugs service will receive assurance of confidentiality and privacy regarding information disclosed to the Pathways worker. The role of the Pathways worker is to support and empower young people in achieving goals and to overcome issues they are currently facing.

Ask yourself these questions around Alcohol & Other Drug Use:

­   - Are you or someone you know taking drug/s regularly

­   - Has the amount of the drug/s changed since first used

­   - Is it impacting on personal, social, emotional, financial and physical aspects of life

­   - Have you or someone ever told you to ‘take it easy’ regarding your use

­   - Are you or someone you know continually thinking about drug/s

If you answered “Yes” to majority of these questions please feel free to contact the Pathways services on the phone numbers provided below.

Support to young people includes:

­   - Alcohol & Other Drugs assessment

­   - Information & Referral

­   - Individual Treatment Plans

­   - Alcohol & Other Drugs education and counselling

­   - Family support/mediation

­   - Legal information & Support

­   - Advocacy

­   - Secondary consultations to other service providers


How to contact us:

                                Shepparton               P.O. Box 7352
                                                                43A Wyndham St
                                                                Shepparton Vic 3632

                                                                Ph: 03 5833 1099
                                                                Fax: 03 5821 7627

Servicing: City of Greater Shepparton, Shires of Moira and Strathbogie

                                 Seymour                  P.O. Box 233
                                                               12 Tallarook St
                                                               Seymour Vic 3661

                                                                Ph: 03 5735 2055
                                                                Fax: 03 5799 2138

Servicing: Shires of Mitchell, Murrindindi and Mansfield


                                     Wangaratta          40-42 Rowan St
                                                                Wangaratta Vic 3676

                                                                Ph: 03 5722 8000
                                                                Fax: 03 5722 4964

Servicing: Rural City of Wangaratta, Benalla Rural City and the Alpine Shire

                                     Office Hours:       9am to 5pm Monday – Friday