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Metro Transit Teams

Salvos Metro Transit Teams will extend the scope gained in the Youth Street Teams program to include key train stations and the rail network.

The program will see Salvos Metro Transit Teams head out on foot from Monday to Thursday, 5pm-7pm and both on foot and in vehicles Friday and Saturday nights from 8pm-1am focussing on engaging with the public to create a positive presence on trains and at train stations, improving the perception of public safety and responding to the needs of the public.

The Salvos Metro Transit Teams will particularly focus on connecting with vulnerable, intoxicated and disadvantaged people using the rail network, assisting them to find safe solutions home, working closely with Youth Street Teams to deliver a coordinated support system for people.

Salvos Metro Transit Teams Launch

Date: Thursday 1st November 2012

Time: 3.00pm – 4.00pm (with afternoon tea provided)

Location: The Salvation Army Melbourne Project 614

Level 1, 69 Bourke Street Melbourne, Vic, 3000.

How do I get involved with Salvos Metro Transit Teams?

Attend a Salvos Metro Transit Teams Training session: 2 hours

  1. Training covers an outline of Salvos Metro Transit Teams program
    - Using targeted communication skills to build relationships
    - Support the rights and safety of young people
    - Working effectively with culturally diverse community members
    - Managing alcohol and other drug affected young people.
  2. Metro Training Induction
    - Shift sign-on procedure
    - Brief MYKI induction training
    - Referrals

Choose one of the following initial training dates:
Wednesday 7th November or Wednesday 14th November
The Salvation Army Melbourne Project 614, 69 Bourke Street, Melbourne, Vic, 3000
6pm – 8pm

  1. Attend First Aid Training (Level 1/Level 2): 1 day session (9am - 4.30pm + 1.5hrs online learning component prior to session).
  2. Complete Suicide prevention training session: 1 hour online training session

*The First aid and Suicide Prevention Training are organised following the initial Salvos Metro Transit Teams training session.


  1. Complete The Salvation Army Melbourne Volunteer Paperwork (at the back of the Volunteer Handbook that will be distributed via email following this session, please read though & fill out pages 19-25 and return them to Lauren Cockerell).
  2. Obtain a Working with Children Card: Form available from Australia Post. Fill out the form and the post office will take some passport photos, then submit at the post office again, it takes a few weeks to come through, but you can start volunteering once you have submitted you WWC card application (just print the receipt and return it to Lauren Cockerell).

*All training is funded by The Salvation Army Melbourne Project 614

Who do I contact to get involved in Salvos Metro Transit Teams?

If you would like to get involved in the Salvos Metro Transit Teams program or would simply like to know more about the program please contact Lauren Cockerell by email: lauren.cockerell@aus.salvationarmy.org