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A residential alcohol & other drugs rehabilitation service for women & women with children

About Bridgehaven
The Bridgehaven program is for women who are wanting to address their alcohol & other drugs issues. The program involves a 4 month residential stay and a 4 to 6 month aftercare program.

Treatment centres around supporting women to develop greater reflective capacity, feel more in charge of their emotions and engage in healthy, sustainable relationships.

Bridgehaven provides a framework to assist women to establish a sense of control over their own lives to value themselves as individuals and to support them in their transition toward healthy, independent living.

Interventions include group therapy, conflict resolution, relapse prevention, creative arts, meditation, yoga and spiritual awareness combined with skills based treatment, family inclusive practice, intensive casework and chaplaincy.

Bridgehaven also oversees the management of the Eunike Women's AOD Supported Accommodation Program. The Eunike Program aims to support women with and / or without children to maintain a substance free lifestyle in appropriate and affordable housing. Assisting them to develop life skills that will support them to transition to independent living.

Family Services
Bridgehaven supports mothers and their children to remain together whilst the mother engages in alcohol & other drugs treatment. In house childcare is provided by trained early years professionals who deliver educational activities for children residing at Bridgehaven.

A partnership with Kildonen Family Services strengthens the Bridgehaven Family Program through provision of a qualified Family Counsellor who works in conjunction with the Bridgehaven Family Counsellor & Support Worker to assist families with the implementation of strategies to support healthy parenting and family relationships.

Mother-child therapy sessions provide an opportunity for children to express themselves in a supported environment and for mums to develop new insights into their child’s needs and behaviours through supported interactive activities.

If you are interested in participating in the Bridgehaven program, please contact the Streamline Assessment Team on 9521 2770