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Theological & Educational Formation:

Our focus is upon developing a required level of educational and theological literacy. Key educational units help you to develop the broad theoretical foundation which will serve as the building blocks for your future learning, intentional reflection, and practice of mission and ministry.

Spiritual & Personal Formation:

Our focus is upon deepening your self-knowledge as well as your responsiveness to the gracious presence of God in your life and your practice of key spiritual disciplines. A range of opportunities (from class based to experiential practices to personal reflection) will all contribute to this process.

Mission & Ministry Formation:

Our focus is upon engaging with a variety of mission and ministry opportunities and contexts to apply learning in practice. Even though this may be a learning environment the opportunities for mission and ministry are real settings that will be a key part of your foundations stage from the initial stages of your training.

Shape Of The Program:

If you are undertaking the two year residential model the foundations year will be shaped around formal class-based learning as well as four learning placements and other special mission engagement opportunities. An average week will see you involved in mission and ministry placement on two days and classes for three days as well as study and reflection time. Alternate training approaches are based around a similar model of engagement but often over a longer time frame (more than one year to complete).

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