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Theological & Educational Formation:

This stage gives opportunity for consolidation of your foundational knowledge as well as allowing you greater subject choice and the chance to pursue areas of interest or passion at greater depth. In the ‘foundations stage’ there were many core units but now you have a range of elective choices available.

Spiritual & Personal Formation:

During your internship you have chance to develop as a reflective practitioner. Such an approach is marked by deep thinking and the ability to apply learning in your personal spiritual life as well as your ministry to others.

Mission & Ministry Formation:

Internship placements give you opportunity for a deeper level of engagement both in timing and the type of mission and ministry activities. As a result of your established theological foundations and your growing personal spirituality a focus is placed upon synthesis, or the skill to draw together the various strands of your training to exploit the deeper learning available to you as you meaningfully ‘join-the-dots’.

Shape Of The Program:

If you are undertaking the two year residential model you will spend a large portion of the first half of the year in full-time placements (Corps and Social) with some part-time class expectations. Second Semester allows for maximum capacity to mould your training to achieve the best final outcome: A placement for two days a week and at least one academic unit will be required but two other ‘units-of-time’ are yours to determine according to the remaining learning needs of your internship – these could be additional class-based subjects, additional time at your placement or additional placements in distinct ministry areas of learning focus for you.

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