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Holistic Approach

Officers are formed not by a focus upon a few areas of personal preference and expertise, but by engaging in a holistic approach that considers the breadth of who we are as individuals and the complexity of officership today.

Our holistic approach is delivered through a threefold process which integrates theological and educational formation, spiritual and personal formation, and mission and ministry formation.

Training is not 'One Size Fits All'

The world is a complex and changing one that requires models of training that are responsive to the present reality and future opportunities.

Every cadet brings a different journey and background to the training process. For these reasons, we are highly committed to an individualised model of training. Every cadet will develop an individualised training plan, which will be marked by flexibility and case-managed by an assigned officer staff member.

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Two Stage Approach

Whilst there is no ‘standardised’ training there are a range of key learning expectations and experiences designed to equip you to fulfill your mission and ministry as a Salvation Army Officer.

For many who undertake a two year residential training program the 1st year of Cadetship covers all aspects of the ‘Foundations Stage’ and your 2nd Year covers the ‘Internship Stage’.

Our two stages there are marked by different approaches and outcomes; Foundations Stage and Internship Stage.

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