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The School for Officer Training led by the Training Principal:

  • Facilitates the formation of Salvation Army Officers as Christlike leaders, adaptable and in tune with the 21st century, who know God, know themselves and know their mission.
  • Provides the compulsory learning programs for candidates and auxilliary lieutenants.
  • Supports the development of newly commissioned officers.

The School for Christian Studies led by the Director:

  • Provides accredited theological studies as a college of the University of Divinity;
  • Provides part of the cadet learning requirements;
  • Is open to all officers, employees and soldiers as well as the community at large.


The School for Learning and Development led by the Director:

  • Actively identifies ongoing learning needs of our personnel (except in the focus area of the other two schools);
  • Directly provides learning experiences in priority areas;
  • Works to enhance the widespread training and development activities of other Salvation Army departments and centres.


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