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Family Tracing

Reuniting missing relatives with their families can bring unimaginable joy. If you’ve lost contact with a loved one and need help finding them, we may be able to help.

Because family matters

In Australia, one person is reported missing every 15 minutes. Thankfully, 99.5 per cent of these people are located, but for family members waiting for news of a loved-one, the feelings of confusion, frustration, anger and sadness can be overwhelming. A solid family environment is the most important support network anyone can have, so through our free family tracing service we’re dedicated to reuniting people with their families. 

If you live in Australia, request assistance here or contact your nearest office.

If you live outside Australia, find your nearest location here.

Find a support service near you

Hold on to hope

War, migration, divorce, even just time and distance – there are any number of reasons you can fall out of contact with loved ones. Things like social media and electoral roles are great places to start your search. If you’re struggling to make any headway, get in touch, fill in a family tracing application and we can talk about where to go next. 

Once we’ve reviewed your application and confirmed it falls within our guidelines, the search begins. Through our worldwide networks we’ll coordinate the search and provide you with updates as they become available. All aspects of the investigation are strictly confidential and no information will be revealed without the consent of the person being traced. And while there are no guarantees, and searches can take a long time, our family tracing service offers a success rate of around 70 per cent. 

Reconciliation or reunion can often bring intense feelings of completeness and renewal. But where relationships are strained we can also act as advocates to help re-establish communication and provide support through the reconciliation process.


Please be aware, this service is not available for:

  • Locating friends 
  • Post-adoption situations 
  • Search for fathers without proof of paternity 
  • Inquiries for or by people under age 18 
  • Former husbands or wives, unless for reconciliation 
  • Spouses for divorce purposes 
  • Legal matters 
  • Genealogy/family tree research 


If your request falls outside of our guidelines, here are some other organisations that may be able to help: 


Dave and Anne’s story

When Dave’s sister, Anne, was very young she was sent to live with an aunt. Then in 1951, the family emigrated from England to Australia but Anne was left behind. Anne says that growing up she “felt abandoned and terribly alone”.

We located Anne in the UK. In recalling their first phone call, Dave says, “[I] knew instantly that this was the little girl I had been looking for nearly 60 years.” Six weeks later Anne arrived in Australia for a very emotional reunion with her four brothers. Anne says it’s fantastic to be called ‘sis’. “I now feel I actually belong,” she says. 

If you live in Australia, request assistance here or contact your nearest office.

If you live outside Australia, find your nearest location here.

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