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Aged Care

Barrington LodgeBarrington Lodge – Residential Aged Care Facility

Barrington Lodge in New Town has been a Residential Aged Care Facility since 1991 and is now home to 77 residents requiring high or low residential care. The mission and values of The Salvation Army are integral to the care provided, and these values influence and motivate management, staff and volunteers.

For further information, contact:
Director of Aged Care 
Barrington Lodge
120 Swanston Street
Ph: 03 6228 2164 Fax: 03 6228 3315 Email: manager.barringtonlodge@aus.salvationarmy.org 

Click here for more information for Barrington Lodge. 

Assistance with Care & Housing (ACH)

ACH supports vulnerable clients who are homeless or at risk of homelessness  to  remain in the community of their choice through accessing appropriate, sustainable and affordable housing and linking them where appropriate, to community care and other support services.

Who is eligible?

ACH provides outreach support to people aged 50 years and over who are on a low income and are homeless or at risk of homelessness as a result of experiencing housing stress or not having secure accommodation.

ACH assists people from the local government areas of Hobart, Glenorchy, The Derwent Valley, Launceston and George Town.

ACH can provide assistance by referral and advocacy within a wide range of services including:

  • Assistance to locate, apply for, and relocate to suitable housing
  • Referral to relevant housing services and advice on housing applications
  • Assistance to coordinate removals
  • Referral to local community care services and supports

ACH provides a confidential and free service and is funded by The Australian Government as well as The Salvation Army.

Community Home Care Packages (CHC)

The Salvation Army Community Home Care packages can help you or someone you care about to remain living safely and independently in their community.

Community Home Care Packages provides assistance within a wide range of services including: Support with house cleaning, laundry, cooking, shopping and bill paying. Or you may need assistance with transport to appointments, church services, cultural activities and community events or support with showering and shaving.

Other ideas include: Computer lessons, dance lessons, gym membership fees, mowing lawns, gardening. You are not limited to these choices.

Together we plan a flexible package of home care support that suits your individual needs.

How much does it cost?

Home care packages are funded by the Australian Government.  In some cases fees are totally or partially funded.

To be eligible for a Community Home Care package funded by the Australian Government you need to be assessed by the Aged Care Assessment Team. An assessment interview can be arranged by contacting myagedcare on 1800 200 422.

Aged Care Services, North-West Tasmania

  • Community Aged Care Packages North West provides support to elderly clients.
  • Clients are supported by aged care workers in their home
  • Clients receive a range of practical and emotional support to help them remain independent.

For further information, contact:
The Salvation Army
115 Main Road
Ph: 03 6278 3256 Fax: 03 6228 4661 Email: manager_ACHA@aus.salvationarmy.org

Or visit www.salvos.org.au/homecarepackages