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How do the three steps interact?


STeP123 consists of three conceptual tranches, or steps – Assess, Engage, and Refer.  Each of these are related, as the diagram above shows.  The relationships between the steps mirror the real world experiences of clients and Salvation Army workers.

A broad assessment of an individual’s needs informs the worker and the individual of the types of programs that could be beneficial in addressing their needs.

Participation of Salvation Army clients in those programs, and use of resources by workers and clients, often results in increased self-confidence and self-esteem, and has led to referral into other vocational and literacy programs outside of The Salvation Army.

The STeP123 website provides resources and information related to all three tranches.  On the Assess page you can access the STeP123 Assessment Tool.  Use of this gives a broad awareness of a person’s literacy needs.  The Engage page includes the literacy-based programs and resources created by STeP123.  If and when clients feel they are ready to make the next step, the Refer page provides a list of providers that can be contacted either by the client of the worker so suitable programs may be accessed by the client.