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Supported Accommodation and Recovery Services (East & West)

Supported Accommodation and Recovery Services (SAARS) offers counselling within a case management model for people experiencing homelessness who are aged 18 years and over (male and female).

We work with people experiencing homelessness due to a complex range of life issues such as substance misuse and mental health problems. We provide a vast range of services including:

Pre-Accommodation / Early Intervention

  • Intake and needs assessment
  • Referral including advocacy and support
  • Brief interventions if you are on our waiting list

Accommodation / Practical Support

  • Quality, fully furnished, secure, self contained units (East)
  • 'Welcome Pack' including food, crockery, cutlery, broom, mop, bucket, linen and household appliances (East)
  • Personal computer access (as part of the 'IT Futures' Initiative)
  • Detailed induction process including fire safety and orientation to local services
  • After hours on call service
  • Independent living skills assessment and support
  • Money management, savings and debt reduction assistance
  • Fortnightly budget support

Accommodation / Outreach Support / Counselling Services / Referral

  • Regular planned counselling
  • Goal setting (as part of a case management plan)
  • Specialised support for addiction based issues including relapse prevention
  • Mental health support and referral
  • Ongoing assessment and case plan review
  • Exit planning and long-term tenancy support
  • Housing application support and advocacy
  • Continuous client feedback mechanism


Eastside Unit Bedroom

Interested in our programs? Come and talk to us

Monday to Friday between 11am and 1pm (NO BOOKING REQUIRED)

62 Whitmore Square, Adelaide 


SAARS West Program: (08) 8212 1215

SAARS East Program: (08) 8227 0349

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