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What we offer

group of individuals

At The Salvation Army, people of all ages and backgrounds feel they can belong and participate in healthy community activities. We offer a place where you can connect with a family of people and have a sense of belonging. A place where you can begin to enjoy all that God has for you; a place where everyone has an opportunity to contribute positively within the community.

Our Programmes

Below we have listed some of the activities available at our Corps. Please call for more details.

Worship at Riverland CorpsWorship

We are a people of faith committed to loving God and others in creative and tangible ways. Our worship service is a family event open to all to celebrate Jesus with scripture, sermon and song. After the service you are welcome to join us for a cuppa, we would love to get to know you. Sunday 10:30am

Kidz Church
Kidz Church

All children are invited to attend Kidz church while the main service is on. This is an age appropriate teaching time with fun activities. Sunday 10:30am

Community Support Services
Community Services

Offering a range of services such as emergency relief, counselling, support for short and long term issues, opperating from 9 Riverside Drive Berri
PH: (08) 8582 3182   9:30am -1pm

Bendigo Thrift Shop

Home League

All women are invited to join together for activites and friendship
Tuesday Morning
call 8582 3616 for more info  (SalvoStores)

Contact Us

4 Wilson St,
BERRI, SA, 5343

Postal Address
PO Box 809
BERRI, SA, 5343

T: (08) 8582 2200

F: TheSalvationArmyRiverland

Helen Adamczyk Ministry Assistant
Salvo Stores: 8582 3616
M: 0476 205 292

Community Support

Emergency Relief, Accomodation

9 Riverside Dr Berri
T: 08 8582 3182