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Church a little bit different

Families are important to us and we understand that a Sunday morning church service is just not an easy fit in today’s society. With the working week no longer 9-5 Monday to Friday, and Sundays for being the only family day together, it can be difficult to commit to taking half a day out of maybe the only day the whole family is together. And so it seems the idea of Sunday church is pushed further back in the mind.

So on Friday nights we have our new worship service called “LIFT”. We also understand that bringing young children to a church service maybe fraught with danger, are they going to behave or scream or run around. But here at Parafield Gardens Salvos we understand that kids will be kids, and love to include them, so our service is geared towards young families and kids, but of course anyone is welcome to come.

The name Lift is chosen because we see this is to be a service of encouragement, building up and lifting each other up as well as our praise to God. Lift starts at 6pm, providing a free meal to helps alleviate the stress a family might face in getting a meal together before coming to church. And then at 7pm the night service will begin.

If you want to come on Friday night you will be most welcome and we would love to see you there.