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what to expect

What should I expect at Parafield Gardens Salvation Army

If you're checking out Parafield Salvos for the first time, you can expect the same thing that many now look forward to every week. A place to grow in the life that you've been created to have. That's really what we're all about. On the weekend we enjoy pratical teaching from the Word of God, and engaging worship. During the week there are many opportunities for everyone to get connected into the life of the Church as we seek to continually grow in our relationship with Jesus and take the good news to the ends of the earth.

So, we invite you to come and take it all in for yourself. Join us this next Sunday at 10:30 AM at Parafield Gardens Salvos.

This web site should help you with many of the questions you may have as to who we are, what we believe and what we do. If you need anything else just send an email with your questions to us and we'll get right back to you. Thanks for checking us out and we hope to see you soon.