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Playgroup Oakden


Start @ 9:30 with registration time until 10:00

Finish @ 11:30


$20:00 for one child and $30:00 for families with 2 or more children (this may increase to $30 and $40 respectively in 2015)

We also ask parents to bring along a piece of fruit to share for morning tea.


Our playgroup is for children from birth to reception. The morning begins with a period of free play time making the most of a range of fun and interactive toys and activities. Following free play is morning tea and mat time where we share with children a short story or interactive message about God and the Bible. The morning also includes a time of singing and fun, interactive songs and a craft activity. At the end of the morning children are given a stamp or sticker on their hands and an activity to take home and complete. Our playgroup has a great blend of structured and unstructured activity and we find that both parents and children really enjoy their mornings with us. Please ensure you register early for each term in order to secure your place.


How to Register for Playgroup

To register your interest in Oakden Playgroup please complete the form below and submit it to us.


WHEN you HAVE been notified that your child has gained a place in Oakden Playgroup  Download this Registration Form and send it in with your Full Payment - to complete the application.

The full payment of $20 for one child or $30 for a family of two or more children must accompany the above Registration Form once you are notified of a place.

 Post it to Oakden Corps, PO Box 598, Prospect East SA 5082, or drop it in at the office, 166 Fosters Road, Oakden, to complete your registration.

Playgroup Registration of Interest

 Child's Name  
 Parent/Guardian First Name   
 Last Name   
 I understand that full payment is required when notified of a place in playgroup 
 Have you downloaded the registration form? 

 Does your child have any medical conditions that we should know about? Please explain or type None  
 How many children would you like to register for Playgroup? Please send this form again for a second child  
 Please type any questions relating to Playgroup Registration  

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