Muggy's Accommodation
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Muggy's Accommodation

What is Muggy's?

Muggy'sMuggy's is a youth accommodation service funded by Department for Education and Child Development - Families SA and operated by The Salvation Army Ingle Farm in the Northern, Southern and Northern Country regions of Adelaide.

Muggy's is named after youth worker Dave Mugford, who was involved in establishing accommodation services at The Salvation Army Ingle Farm



Who is it for?

Muggy's provides medium to long-term accommodation for young people aged 16-18 years of age who are under the Guardianship of the Minister and who have experienced multiple previous placements.

Muggy's staff work closely with Families SA Social Workers, other Families SA service providers, agencies and community organisations in supporting young people to develop their independent living skills and to access housing options.

The residential care home is staffed 24 hours a day and provides a safe environment for young people to develop their independent living skills and gain extra support in times of crisis.

Young people in Muggy’s housing will be supported with a focus on building their confidence and skill levels.  Young people are then transitioned into housing within the community and continued to be supported throughout this transition period to ensure stability. 

How Do We Do It?

The Muggy's program continues to learn how to best support young people to live successfully in the community. What we know is that there is never one answer or way of approaching a situation and so first job is to LISTEN to young people using the service - what do they want and how do they want to go about it. Our role from there may be a combination of the following:

  • Discussing young people's options and providing an undertanding of the possible outcomes of young people's choices.
  • Encouraging young people to believe it their goals and work with staff towards those goals.
  • Informing young people's understanding of what is available in the community and how to access it.
  • Working with other community and government agencies to support young people's participation and outcomes in those programs.
  • Supporting young people in developing practical skills for independent living such as budgeting, cooking, cleaning, transport etc
  • Supporting young people to access educational and / or vocational programs.
  • Providing information to young people as they require it, such as legal information
  • Advocating for young people in their dealings with other agencies and / or community organisations (eg Centrelink and the Housing SA)
  • Helping young people to experience success in their lives to develop their self-confidence.
  • Supporting young people in developing helpful ways of resolving conflicts and making complaints
  • Developing young people's interest in recreational activities, hobbies, sports etc
  • Being there for young people when they are hurt, confused, angry, upset, distressed or feeling like a chat!

What Do We Do?

"Support young people's development towards living successfully in the community."

Muggy's staff are committed to assisting young people through:
  • Self-determination of the young people using the service
  • Working alongside young people towards their goals and dreams.
  • Empowering young people to take responsibility for their choices
  • Principles of social justice
  • Creating an inclusive environment.
  • Respect and privacy for young people
  • That every young person is an individual with individual needs, strengths and personality.
  • That each young person, with support and care, has access to being a valued member of our society.
  • Being flexible and creative!

Contact Details

For referrals or further information please contact

The Salvation Army Ingle Farm
PH: (08) 8397  9333
Fax: (08) 8396 5170
PO BOX Para Hills SA 5096

REFERRALS: Please contact Placement Service Matching and Allocation (formally Placement Service Unit) Ph: 08 8463 3666

For more information:

Office of the Guardian - Charter of Rights