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Do Unto Others Express - From our volunteers

Sally Mundy – is one of our dedicated DUO Express Team Leader, and also serves on one of our fab 4 – 8 teams on a Saturday night.

DUO Express on Wednesday nights commenced slowly with around 30 people enjoying a light meal.  The menu is a simple one. Over four or five weeks we offer our guests steak sandwiches, pies/pasties/sausage rolls, hamburgers, hot dogs and a variety of pastries or yeast goodies.

It has been great to see the numbers attending growing, but more importantly, to see the developing family atmosphere as our guests are get to know each other and connect.  We are really loving this family atmosphere especially with the variety of ages attending – the ‘youngies’ and not so young!

Many of our guests commence the afternoon taking part in a recreation program and then staying on for the meal.  It is especially encouraging to see people taking responsibility for the set up and cleaning up of the meal area.

After the meal people can attend a Bible Study and the numbers attending this are also growing. Not everyone attends this and people are welcome to stay around – have coffee, chat, play games, table tennis – or simply chill until about 8pm.

The number of guests has certainly increased with some times over 70 people joining us.  Of course, none of this would happen without the support of the wonderful volunteers! Our volunteers – and those who just pitch in and help whenever needed – have such great hearts and passion for people and serving others. Thank you, thank you, thank you – to all who put up tables, put out equipment, serve tea and coffee, slave away in the kitchen, serve the food, relate to the guests and clean up! It can be a mammoth job and we thank you all.