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Do Unto Others – Stories from the volunteers

Phill – has recently joined us, brought along by a friend to a ‘come and try’ volunteering night..

Hi and a merry Christmas to everyone, my name is Phill. Christmas came early to me this year when I first walked into the front doors of the Salvation Army premises in Pirie St at the end of October . There were so many smiling faces on all volunteers and guests, all engaged in conversations, sharing stories with laughter and excitement. The gift I received as I left my first event was the privilege it was for me to be involved in such an fabulous evening with so many enthusiastic and inspiring people of various age groups.   

Mandy – is a long serving DUOs volunteer and a member of our church family

I have been giving my time/volunteering since DUOs began serving the people in the (city of Adelaide) (almost 2 years ago). While I am there to help prepare for the dinner or serve tea/coffee/milo (to their taste) and then serve their meal to them which are all practical things to do to help, it is more the smile, the conversation, getting to know them (using their name) which shows care I can give to them which I love and find rewarding – just knowing that I can play a part in helping them to feel like they are a valued and important person (in our community) to us and bring them a sense of worth. The men and women who come are usually always very polite and grateful. I’ll do any job that is needed, but I do like serving our guests and interacting with them the most. Many are regulars and over time I’ve been able to build a relationship of trust with them. The  Vision of the Salvation Army  - a growing, loving community of people dynamically living God’s mission in a broken world.Our Mission  - The Salvos - raised up by God for the work of transforming lives, caring for people and reforming society.Our Values – recognising that God is always at work in the world we value – Human Dignity, Hope, Compassion, Justice and Community. It’s not just our guests who get something from us, as a volunteer it is us who can get the real gift

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