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Aboriginal Artwork

Graham at The Waterhole

The Waterhole is a restful community place where you may come and share a range of great facilities and enjoy the company of others from the wider community.

Artists come from both town and out bush to paint, with mainly traditional painting styles and themes, like gathering bush food, dreamings, etc. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to find a satisfying occupation at The Waterhole.

Since opening in late 2012, The Salvation Army’s The Waterhole community centre in Alice Springs has been working hard to ensure the centre lives up to its name:  that it is a place of tranquillity, a place of meeting and a place of possibility.

The centre has around 120 members, ranging from 18 years to 71.  Members come from all the main language groups of Central Australia.  On any one day between 50 and 80 people come into the centre to use the facilities, to get out of the heat (in summer) or the cold (in winter), to have a shower or wash clothes, to meet family members and friends, to have a cup of tea and something to eat, to paint, relax, watch a movie, play the guitar or catch up on sleep on the couch. At The Waterhole all are valued and contributing members.

Three regular volunteers and three part-time employees keep The Waterhole running.

Painting at The Waterhole
Painting at The Waterhole

Painting is an important part of the Waterhole. We endeavour to support our local indigenous Artists by purchasing many of the paintings. We also support artists who prefer to paint from home.  Monday to Friday 9am-2pm

Painting - Gathering bush tucker
Drop in centre

A comfortable and safe place to come for a rest, watch DVD's or use computers, make yourself a cuppa and sandwich (available for 50cents)
Monday to Friday 9am-2pm

Terry hanging up the washing
Shower and Washing machine facilities

Facilities are available each morning free of charge
Monday to Friday 9am - 12noon

Contact Us

88 Hartley St
Alice Springs NT 0871

PO Box 2187
Alice Springs

P: 08 8951 0207
F: 08 8952 4102

E: corps.alicesprings

Corps Officers: Captains Nari and Stuart McGifford

Open Hours
Monday to Friday 9am-2pm