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Anula Statement

The Salvation Army NT works hard to empower and give dignity to those who are most vulnerable. The Northern Territory is currently experiencing a homelessness crisis and the Salvation Army are endeavouring to support these people through our many services and centres.

One of our centres, Anula, has in an effort to tackle the crisis, expanded its services over the last 6 months. Programs such as the breakfast program have been implemented with the aim of connecting to people over breakfast and engaging them and linking them to the most basic services such as health care, transport back to country, financial aid, housing and food. We hope that through this engagement over a meal we can to assist them out of poverty in the long-term.

It has come to our attention that some community members have been adversely affected by the increased activity at Anula, with some antisocial behaviour at our premises during evening hours. In order to address this and ensure the community feels safe and connected we have been very active in implementing preventative measures. These measures include…

  • Addressing local community members directly about their concerns, organising and having face-to-face meetings with those who are experiencing anti-social behaviour 
  • Centre gates secured and locked every evening so to discourage any anti-social behaviour on our premises 
  • Cutting down trees on premises to ensure no belongings are left underneath 
  • Evening Flood Lights have been installed which will remain on and active all evening 
  • A local Case Manager assigned to users of our service to build proactive relationships with those that seek our support to transition them into housing 
  • Staff and volunteer patrols post-midnight

These actions so far have been successful in significantly decreasing night-time activity and eliminating anti-social behaviour on our premises.

Over the past 2 weeks we have been engaging multiple community groups as well as key community members in our plans for the future development and direction of the breakfast program. We are seeking to involve all community members in this process so that we are certain we are delivering our services in the best way possible.

If you would like to discuss these plans with us please contact us via kris.halliday@aus.salvationarmy.org and we will respond to your enquiry. If you have immediate concerns for your safety after hours we encourage you to call the police immediately.