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Our Organisation

As a church and support service provider, The Salvation Army understands the value of bringing people together. From the top brass right through to our army of volunteers and workers on the street, we’re proud to be a community of individuals working hard to make a difference.

Part of something big 

As part of a truly global movement, in more than 120 countries we’re able to empower individuals and communities and share our values of hope, compassion, dignity, justice and community. And, like any international organisation, it takes a whole lot of people power working together towards common goals. With our values embedded in our 150-year history, we are able to concentrate our gaze on a united vision of the future.

Unlike most multinationals, we have no CEO. Instead, our Commissioner is a Salvationist like many thousands of others, ensuring our direction remains true to the values we hold dear. This means that from our International Headquarters in London, through every territory and division around the globe, we retain focus on our vision and mission and work together for common good.

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Generosity knows no bounds

All the funds we raise through the generosity of individuals, businesses and communities are fed directly into support services to help those who need it most. 

Our various missions are supported by the church itself, and are not reliant on community funds. This self-sufficiency enables us to take our messages of hope, acceptance and community to locations as diverse as city streets and mountain villages. And it means we can do so without compromising the important support services we deliver every day.  

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