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From emergency relief for families in crisis, to ongoing counselling, jobs and accommodation to offer long-term stability, we’re helping people today so they can plan for the future.

One story at a time

Every meal offered, every bed provided, every counselling service attended, every job accepted and every cause championed – from the smallest gestures of compassion to life-changing moments – we’re helping build dignity, justice, compassion and hope within society.

Every one of our stories is different, but most of us have been through challenging times of one kind or another. By offering support when it’s needed most, we’re empowering individuals with skills and services to help them meet future challenges. And with more than 700 support services across 300 locations, we’re enabling people and communities everywhere to write new stories. 

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Networks of support

Each year we provide hundreds of thousands of food vouchers to those going hungry, emergency relief to similar numbers of people experiencing hardship, and more than 300,000 bed nights to those who are homeless. We match tens of thousands of job seekers with employers, assist even more with financial counselling, and provide more than 25,000 episodes of care to people experiencing domestic violence. In isolation, each one of these things is a small act of compassion. But when each opens doors to what comes next, they’re also providing hope for the future.

Download our 2016 Annual Report for more information on our outcomes in the past 12 months.

A personal approach

It takes a combination of short-, medium- and long-term solutions to enable individuals and communities to write new stories. A safe place to sleep makes a big difference tonight, but the opportunity to talk about options for tomorrow brings hope. A job can bring stability to coming weeks, but support through the transition into the workforce brings a sense of confidence and community. And food or financial relief can help meet immediate needs, but when combined with financial counselling and lifestyle advice it can provide skills to help face future challenges. 

Out of respect for every individual’s capacity to make positive contribution, we take time to listen so we can offer the support people want and need. And by offering personalised support, we’re meeting people’s immediate needs so that across our networks of support we’ve got options for what comes next.