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International Aid

Emergencies are not bound by borders, and neither are we. When disaster strikes, we’re offering aid and support to those unable to ask for it.

A global footprint

With hundreds of thousands of officers, staff and volunteers the world over, The Salvation Army is a global organisation that’s in an incredible position to respond to disasters no matter where help is required. Whether we launch an appeal to direct funds where they’re needed most, send volunteers and supplies to the areas affected, or provide long-term relief through child sponsorship and international development programs, our truly global reach means our impacts are immediate, meaningful and long-lasting. 

A world of difference

Nepal, Japan, Christchurch, Haiti, Pakistan, Sichuan, Bali – the images of these disasters, natural or otherwise, remain etched in our minds. On the ground delivering aid and support to those affected, we’re enabling people to get on with rebuilding their lives. Food, water and clothing, medical care, financial relief, grief counselling and rebuilding – the services we offer address the needs of the here and now, but also help people and communities long after the news crews have moved on.

Small gestures, big impacts

In April 2015, a magnitude 7.8 earthquake struck Nepal, with another just 17 days later. The scope of the disaster was almost unimaginable: more than 8,000 people died, tens of thousands were displaced, and entire communities were destroyed.

The Salvation Army International Emergency Services mobilised immediately, sending a team to the region within days, establishing camps in Kathmandu to distribute hygiene items, food and tarpaulins. As more supplies landed, teams distributed solar lamps, mosquito coils, ropes and thousands of kilos of food to more than 500 households in remote villages, as well as thousands of high-quality tents ahead of the monsoon season. 

Once again, our presence, expertise and support offered desperately needed short and long-term relief. But, much more than that, with each small gesture of compassion, we bring enormous hope and positivity for the future.

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