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We provide for the physical and spiritual needs of individuals in order to help all people receive support and connect with Jesus Christ and their local communities.


Connect with us

Through our various church services and ministries, we offer many different ways for you to find us in your community.

Children’s programs, church services, women’s and men’s ministries, events, aged care, youth services, music programs, social justice and advocacy are just some of the ways through which we serve the community. Here are just some of our services and ministries on offer:

Church services

You are welcome to join us at one of our many Church services, where you will hear uplifting music, be inspired by engaging Bible sermons, and connect with other people of faith. We refer to our Churches as Corps – this is part of the military terminology our founders used to help create a focus to battle against poverty and sin.

Women’s Ministry

Positively impacting the lives of women, their families and community networks.

Click here for more information on Women's Ministry.

Youth Ministry

Supporting young people to build resilience, improve social networks, become active in their community, reach their potential and connect to God in relevant ways.

Click here for more information on Youth Ministry.

Children’s Ministry

Connecting young people to The Salvation Army and Jesus Christ, and partnering with families to bring greater impact to communities.

Click here for more information on Children's Ministry.


Salvation Army Guarding And Legion Activities: building integrity, community and leadership, and offering 5-16 year olds the opportunity to respond to the good news of Jesus Christ.

Click here for more information on SAGALA.


An inspiring music program providing music lessons to disadvantaged children in underprivileged schools across Australia. Children from a range of backgrounds have the opportunity to build friendships, learn and be empowered through music.

Click here for more information on Just Brass.


Connecting like-minded people and making a positive difference by celebrating life, faith and community.

Click here for more information on events.

Social Justice

Working to inspire the reformation of society through an understanding of social justice issues, and advocating for those in need.

Click here for more information on social justice.


Joining together to bring your situation before God, because we believe God hears everyone who prays.


Music is an integral part of Salvation Army church services – our choirs and bands spread joy at Sunday worship services, and outwards through communities.

Click here for more information on music.

Seniors Ministry

Providing places where our more mature Salvationists can live, love and grow in Christ, and can speak and demonstrate the sustaining power of Jesus to younger people.

Click here for more information on Senior's Ministry.