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International Development

In more than 120 countries, we’re empowering individuals and communities to develop the skills they need.

Help end poverty today

Employment, sanitary living conditions, education, healthcare, recreation and freedom of movement may seem like basic freedoms for most of us, but they’re not a reality for everyone. Those experiencing extreme poverty deserve our support, so we’re working with communities around the globe to help end poverty.

Join us in stepping up to the challenge of freeing millions of people from extreme poverty by 2030. Funds raised in Australia can be used in the most impoverished parts of the world. 

From the heart of Australia

There’s no reason anyone should have to fight for their survival. Here are a number of ways you can help those in the developing world experience the freedoms and opportunities we enjoy:

  • Our Just Gifts program outlines a range of great gift ideas that you can buy for friends and family that are guaranteed to show those less fortunate that you care.
  • Through Child Sponsorship you can return smiles to humanity’s most vulnerable, and strengthen families and communities against future challenges.
  • Join our Self Denial appeal and you can donate regularly to benefit the international work we do.
  • By donating to our Making It Happen initiative, you can help prevent the trafficking of young girls and women, and provide opportunities to empower women into the future.

We can’t save the entire world at once, but every little contribution makes a big difference to people’s lives.