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Poetry by Merv Holland


“TAKE up your cross –follow me.”
Lord, please realise what you’re asking.
Crucifixion tears and rends
It leads me to one certain end –
You’re inviting me to my own funeral.


Unruly maverick urges at boundary fence
Muscling for supremacy
In the face of commonsense,
Making unauthorised incursions
Enticing, inviting diversions.
Fact and feeling double-park sometimes
The lanes of life are fuzzied
By intermingling lines.

O that my mind into subjection brought
Into submission to the One who taught
That human thought surrendered to control
By God Almighty, author of the soul,
Will fill with purity and peace,
As willingly my all to Him release.

The joy of giving Jesus full control
Of mind and body and of will
Leaves no compartment left to fill –
No carnal thought, but pure intent
Consuming inner urge
To let the Master purge and clean
So that the marks of Christ
Are plainly seen.

A couple of lighter lines:


A charismatic corpulent chap
Should never raise his hands before he checks his belt
I wonder what he felt as duds drop down –
He looks a clown in Disney underclothes.
He reaches down to toes
And seeks to get things level
The scary part – he knows the art
Of crediting the devil!


Not everything is fixed by a power encounter
Through fervent prayer and laying on of hands
Sometimes it takes a coffee or a break
To make us well again – and balanced
The greater power most often is in being still
And knowing God is God.


Based on Matt 4: 19

Hey boys, no fish eh!
All night you’ve toiled
It seems you’re foiled in catching even one!
No fun!!
Trust me- try the other side.
- Jesus


Become a contemplative activist
Be still to get more done
Learn the healthy art of licking an ice-cream
Accomplish more by taking time to dream
Find a form of fun away from the humdrum.
Through recreation