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Poetry by Keith Hampton

Ever shining! Ever changing...
There are not many things that are constant in life
I recollect one particular day when holidaying
I found a lighthouse, when I was a bit lost
Right across the road near the post office and the shop.
What a place for a lighthouse, my mind kicked in?
I could see the tall lighthouse
Although on foot, I couldn't see the sea!
Fancy a Lighthouse right in the middle of the community!
My mind went straight to the similarity of our great Army.
I'd never thought of it as like a lighthouse 'In the middle of the community!'
Ever shining so the lost can follow the path of the light
To our doors and find the help from the source of the Light we have found.
A recent trip back to enjoy the memories and views of years past
Saw the lighthouse now obsolete with high buildings so vast
The light would only shine onto people's BBQ's and placemats
Not too helpful in a fog out to sea when you need a safe guide back?
However, I found another Lighthouse had been built elsewhere
The third and the largest and this one will never be over built at all.
As it stands alone on the hill in the dark of the nightscape
It's Light shining brightly guiding again and again.
Doing the same task that the first Lighthouse had done
Over a hundred years or so ...on
Saving mariners from certain tragedy
Crashing ships in heavy fog and in perilous seas.
That's certainly a good reason to make such obvious changes
Once doing a fine job!
Then slowly and more slowly becoming Obsolete!
And losing the ability to Shine for Jesus with the people that we meet
So Lord, help us to be 'Ever shining, Ever changing'
And always evolving. Never obsolete!
May we stay true to our vision - One Army - One Mission!
Staying close to God in every way
We will not walk in darkness, but keep Shining
Even when our seas are rough and turbulent our days.
John 8:12 "I am the light of the world, He who follows Me shall
Not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life."
Keith Hampton – Major


"the greatest Love of All"
Love is a verb
I recall from my school boy days.
Therefore a doing word
Which helps us on our way.
We can be God with flesh on
I've also heard it said.
And when God would like to be somewhere
He sends us along in His stead.
Fancy doing errands everyday
For someone Oh so Great!
We must be on some heavenly roster
That kicks in so we're not too late!
I'm probably not always as attentive
As one could possibly be
But on average don't do too badly
Considering all that's going on - around me!
Life can get pretty hectic sometimes
I'm sure many would agree
Even Jesus took a break from the crowds
If it was ok with Him, then it's ok for me!
Someone in church the other day
Said that "he had never felt so loved"
As everyone around him, he recalled
"Had welcomed him in Love!
I'm reminded every day of 'the greatest Love of All'.
When God fulfilled His redeptive plan
And Jesus gave His all.
Each day wherever we are and to whoever we speak to
We can be God's hands just at the right time
Sharing 'the greatest Love of All'.
Keith Hampton – Major


Re-arrange our Priorities!
We sometimes say
It should be done just right?
I don't disagree
I've always tried to do things right!
But can it be taken
Sometimes past the limit
When nothing is ever good enough
And nothing ever gets finished!
Our children's best efforts
And well earnt accomplishments
Get the cynical look of disdain
Well you should have done better
Becomes for them normal
And sadly they never complain.
Priorities aren't always easy to strike a balance
There's my spouse, the kids, the bills
Church, sport and work !
They're the facts that are just part of daily living
Some look back with regret
That life's mix, has incorrectly split our worth
Lord teach us how
To Re-arrange our Priorities
Help us to live simply so others can simply live
Some lessons in life are harder to learn than others
But thanks for being patient as we learn to Give!
Keith Hampton - Major


What a difference
Have you not met my Lord
I asked someone the other day
What a difference he has made
In my life from day to day.
I thought I knew myself
And my every limitation
But when the master looked into my heart
And my every motivation.
He infiltrated every place
I thought hidden from his view
Well that is what I had thought
I really thought "I" knew.
So, since I opened up my heart
To Christ's all knowing gaze
He has cleansed and filled my life with His
And I am just amazed.
You only have to ask
The people where I live
And I know what they will say
"What a difference...Jesus makes
In a Life from day to day"
Keith Hampton – Major


His Radiance and Grace!
You've probably heard it said
Boy do you look like your Mum
When you're not too old, it's not too cool,
Especially when you're the son!
Now it's also been said,
We are Children of the King
And inferred that we too
Can be like Him!
So, wouldn't it be good
After spending time in His presence
We'd come away
Mirrowing some of His brilliance.
Radiance is a funny kind of word
Probably used less around today
But Radiant is also a washing powder
Used in our washing machines these days
To soak out the grime and the dirt from our clothes
Resulting in clothes - brilliant and bright
When we stare into the radiance
Of God's face in prayer from day to day
Our faces like our bright clean clothes
Are altered by His gaze
Like a seal, impressed upon soft wax,
The imprint left – Exact!
May God's Glory be imprinted on our Face
When we've spent time with Jesus
Mirrowing - His Radiance and Grace!
Keith Hampton – Major


As I sit and wait
As I sit and wait in the silence of an early morn,
I hear the sounds of a new day dawn.
The birds go busily about their day,
And the street cleaner's truck and brushes wend their way.
I sit and pause and feel God's love to me,
As He quietly releases more of His power in me.
The jet takes off and startles me back to earth;
Disturbs the quietness where I felt my worth.
It's in the silence that God gives to me this peace;
Only being still seems to bring release.
A mighty resource is sometimes left untapped,
Because I've rushed to work
And left God's gift unwrapped.
I have found theWord of God to ring so true;
In quietness and confidence the Lord wins through.
And so, in every part of my life each day,
God will, and is allowed to, have His way;
He brings order to my private world, that's deep within.
My heart needs the silence to cope with all the din.
Keith Hampton – Major