Homeless Persons Support

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Gary Haines heads up a team of people who offer support to the homeless of Sydney who are sleeping rough.

They offer care, practical assistance and referrals.

If you would like to volunteer for this valuable ministry, please contact the office of Sydney Congress Hall.

Read below for a fuller report on their work

The Sydney Congress Hall Corps has a vibrant program of reaching out to the people who are ‘sleeping rough’ within its Corps District. Each Saturday at 4.30pm the Sydney Congress Hall ‘Ministry to the Homeless Team leaves its base and travels into the City.


On board the van on any one Saturday you would find blankets,pillows, toiletry packs,(the toiletry pack contains many items but always includes tooth paste,tooth brush,soap,shampoo and conditioner, deodorant,and a comb) under clothing,socks, an amount of clothing, street swags, and from time to time other miscellaneous items. On extremely hot or cold nights a drink of some kind is placed on board.

The criterion of the Homeless Persons Ministry Team is that the van will stop anywhere a homeless person is located,however there are (9)nine regular locations in between Central Railway Station and the Sydney Harbour Bridge where the Van always stops to serve the people in need of the Service.

The Team usually concludes the Ministry at 9-30pm depending on the circumstances, and during those (5) hours anywhere between (70) and (100) persons will receive assistance with ‘Creature Comforts’.

When the opportunity arises The Homeless Persons Ministry Team actively promotes the Worship Services at Sydney Congress Hall, and the availability of drug & alcohol rehabilitation.

Two extra Services are provided by the Congress Hall Homeless Persons Ministry Team. The first is that on the first Sunday of each month the ‘Team’ is accompanied by an ‘Optometrist’, who tests the eyes of the Homeless, and prescribes glasses where that is necessary.The other Service is that of providing furniture and other necessities for persons who move from the Street (or sleeping rough)into some type of accommodation.  This Service is in truth ‘Serving Suffering Humanity’!