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Discerning the calling to ministry

The call to ministry can begin anywhere. It may start as a reoccurring thought that is full of vision and life. It might begin as a desire in your heart towards a certain cause or outcome. You might have an experience with God or receive an encouraging word from someone. Or you may feel led to a specific point in your life where you know that full-time ministry is the next step for you.

Calling has often been expressed as “I feel there’s more I need to do” or “I sense God’s leading” or “I knew the time had come to make a decision”. Calling can be simply understood as a growing desire in your heart to do something God is leading you to do. 


“Leadership in The Salvation Army opens up a world of possibilities. It gives me the freedom to be creative and fulfil the dreams God has for our community”

Calling needs the right environment to flourish

Being a leader in The Salvation Army is not about taking on a role or filling a spot, it’s about stepping into an environment that will enhance your ministry and provide support.

As a movement, we recognise that we have leaders all around Australia who are already serving in their corps or impacting their community in some way. We see you. We thank you. We recognise you. And now, we invite you.

By taking a step towards officership or developing your leadership in The Salvation Army, you are stepping into a mission focused environment that can take you places you’ve never dreamed of.

Major Maunder coming alive in overseas mission leadership with children