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Be part of a global movement that is transforming society with the love of Jesus

  •    Do you dream about helping more people know Jesus?
  •    Do you feel passionate about ending hardship and injustice?
  •    Do you feel a longing to serve God and help others?
  •    Do you have a sense there is more in you to give?
  •    Do you want to be a leader in a movement that is transforming lives?
  •    Do you feel alive when you are leading people in God's work?

Discerning the calling to ministry

The call to ministry can begin anywhere. It may start as a reoccurring thought that is vivid and full of vision and life. It might begin as a pulling in your heart towards a certain cause or outcome. You might have a vivid experience with God or receive an encouraging word from someone telling you, "there's a gift of leadership on your life".

Calling is often expressed as: “I feel there is more I need to do” or “I sense God is calling me to something different.” In the end, calling can be simply understood as a growing desire in your heart to do something God specifically wants you to do.

man coming alive in leadership

“Leadership in The Salvation Army opens up a world of possibilities. It gives me the freedom to be creative and fulfil the dreams God has for our community”

Calling needs the right environment to flourish

Being a leader in The Salvation Army is not about taking on a role or filling a spot, it’s about stepping into an environment that will enhance your ministry and provide support.

As a movement, we recognise that we have leaders all around Australia who are already serving in their corps or impacting their community in some way. We see you. We thank you. We recognise you. And now, we invite you.

By taking a step towards officership or developing your leadership in The Salvation Army, you are stepping into a mission focused environment that can take you places you’ve never dreamed of.

Major Maunder coming alive in overseas mission leadership with children


Follow the call


group at workshop

Our half day events give you an opportunity to hear from our officers, leaders and staff as you explore your calling. Come along and learn more about the different ways you can serve God in the mission and ministry of The Salvation Army. Enquire



If you sense God is calling you to become an officer in The Salvation Army, reach out and speak to one of our Candidate Recruitment Secretaries today. We would love to have a conversation with you and help guide you on your journey. Email


wayne collyer ministering to a man

From short courses through to research doctorates, our training college is committed to providing you with the best range of study options available to help further your development as a leader. We will support you in building capacity and capability for an empowered ministry life. Enquire



Capt Jo Brookshaw, Capt Clare Reeve, Lt Lauren Stobie, Capt Fiona Kean



“Motherhood in ministry is busy and complex but no different than in any other role. When God called me to be an officer, He was calling my family, and He was going to provide for my children in that..."

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Majors Scott and Sharon Allen



“God calls people—that’s a solid conviction for us. The role of an officer is a calling to leadership. Those who become officers are already leading in their environment."

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Cadets Andrew and Lisa Johnson



“Even though studying was not the most natural thing for me—God met me where I was. It’s an environment where you are challenged to grow and be a better person. You are on this road that is greater, that God has called you to."

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