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Father's Day

The first Sunday in September is Father’s Day! Here are some simple ideas for children to make a small gift for the special men in their lives – maybe their Dad, their Grandpa, an uncle, a brother.

Dad’s Survival Kit

A fun surprise for a father or grandfather needing a lift!


Take a clear plastic or cellophane bag and put in:

  • a packet of Smarties
  • a Time Out bar
  • a sherbet lolly or packet
  • a red, green or chocolate frog
  • a banana lolly
  • a Mintie

Print out the Survival Kit instructions on bright paper and attach it to bag.

Survival Kit

Rations to help you in times of stress

Mintie – for one of those ‘moments’
Sherbet – for when you lose your fizz
Banana – for when you’re going around the bend
Frog – to keep one jump ahead
Time Out – for when you need it
Smarties – for when you need to be extra smart!

Father’s Day Star Biscuit


Make some large star shaped plain biscuits, at least one for each child. I usually make some smaller ones for children to practice on, and then they can make the larger one as a gift for Dad.

Provide children with paper plates and a pop stick. Let each child decorate their biscuits. You can provide icing mixture and sprinkles or use the icing tubes from the supermarket that minimise mess. There are a variety of toppings including rainbow choc chips, silver cachous, mini-marshmallows to allow children to create their own masterpiece.

When the biscuits have dried, place them in a cellophane bag and tie with a curling ribbon. Attach a card saying “You’re a star Dad!”

A Tie for Dad or Grandpa

Cut out a large cardboard tie (or bowtie) and punch small holes at the top. Decorate with collage or stickers or paint. Thread thin elastic through holes so it can be worn.

Father’s Day Hug

Get long strips of paper (from a brown paper roll or cash register roll tape) and measure each child’s arms stretched out.

Then get each child to trace around their hand on a double folded sheet of coloured paper. Cut out hand shapes and attach to ends of strip of paper with tape.

On the strip of paper write “Hugs for Father’s Day, love from …” These can be folded in an envelope which can be decorated with star stickers and given (or posted) to someone special.

 Other Ideas


Father’s Day Certificate

4 Teaching Activities to use on Father's Day -Father of Compassion

These learning acitivities focus on there being one Dad who is perfect.  He is our Heavenly Father. He was the Dad of Jesus, but He is our Dad too,  So would be fine to use with children whose dad's aren't living with them. Click here

Newsletter Quote for dads.

This Father’s Day, don’t worry about what you’re going to get—think about how to make a real difference in the life of your child.

Activity Sheets that can be used in Church

4 activities on on sheet click here

Colouring sheet & place to write a prayer click here

A Blokey Focus (in recognition of Father’s Day)

 Raising mighty boys from Michael Grose 

Craft activities for boys from Kiwi Families

Who let the dads out? A case study

Good dads, great dads from Mal White

Junior Footy and Chaplaincy from Crosslight

Where have all the Dads gone? from Amy Brown

Here's some more ideas from Children ministry

 Take photo's of any kids/and fathers

Have the photos printed during the week at somewhere like Big W or print them yourself

  • Add the photos to bookmarks, magnets or photo frames made from paddlepop sticks or craft foam
  • The families pick them up at the Father's Day Service the following week.

Jigsaw Photo

  • Take a photo of child and dad, or just child.  Print it - making sure the size of the photo and template are the same.
  • Stick the attached jigsaw template onto it and cut it out.
  • Then give the jigsaw pieces to dad who puts the jigsaw together to make the photo.     Jigsaw template

Interview some children and made a video to show in church.

Here are some suggested questions.

            What makes your dad happy?

            What makes you dad sad?

            What is something your dad does every day?

            What is something your dad says to you?

            How old is your dad?

            What is your dad’s favourite thing to do?        

            Where is your dad’s favourite place to go?

            How are you and your dad the same?

            How are you and your dad different?

            What is your favourite thing about your dad?

            How do you know that your dad loves you?

            Give your dad a special message.

 Suggested Coupon Ideas

Home made lunch, Control of the remote control, help in the garden, sleep in, car wash.

Click here for template

  • Print out the templated coupon book pages.
  • Cut out the individual pages.
  • Staple the pages together to form coupon book (or punch holes and attach with string).
  • Sign the front page of the coupon book.
  • Optional: Color the border, header and anything else you want on the individual pages.

Home Icecream

have small mini heart shaped icecreams - that we've given to the fathers on Father's Day.   They come in packs of 20.

 Advertise a Father's Day Bake Off

where the kids spend time with dad's making a cake and bring the cake on the following Sunday to be judged or enjoyed.  When we did this, other men in the corps spent time cooking with kids whose dad isn't around.  It was a memorable time for both the kids and the other guys.

  • Grab your Dad or some other man in your corps.
  • Bake a Cake together
  • Bring it on Father's Day
  • Share it for Morning Tea

Great Father's Day Templates

 Cute tie-shaped "Happy Father's Day" banner, some great tie-shaped centerpiece signs, and cupcake topper sized ties, too. And best of all...-a page for DADs, for GRANDDADs and another page for STEPDADs just to cover all scenarios. Click here for templates

 Organise a Doughnuts with Dad breakfast

or it could be Finger Food with Father lunch

 Father's day cards using coloured sand -

they could also make an envelope for something different.

 Modelling balloon animals

to give to dad.

 Make a slide show

of faces of fathers and kids, using all ages with appropriate music.

King of the Castle

Plan a special meal and activities to honour Dad on Sunday, Father's Day. Make a crown (poster board, aluminium foil, or whatever materials you have on hand). Plan to crown Dad as "King of the Castle!" Brainstorm with the kids to think of ways to make him feel special (let him pick all the TV shows, serve him breakfast in bed, do what he likes to do, say nice things about him at the dinner table, etc.)

If there is no dad in the home, plan to honour a grandfather or uncle or other person who cares for your child. 

Father's Day Craft Idea 

"Hands down" painting for Dad.  Click here

Educational Experience Ideas  Click here

Interactive Father's Day Activities  Click here

Article for Dad

10 Tips for Fathers  Click here