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Emmaline Rabbit

2 May 2011

Emmaline Rabbit is a brand new Children's book written by Rachael Castle and illustrated by Nicholas Wight tackling the social justice issue of Asylum Seekers and Refugees.  It is the first title in an ongoing series of social justice books for children.  Great resource for children to help them learn about the plight of refugees and the importance of accepting others.

Includes a small study guide at the back of the book.

Only $7.50 ($3 postage) or $4.50 when purchased in bulk (20 or more copies)

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Children seem to be born with a desire to serve others.  Even a 2 year old will automatically comfort a crying baby by sharing a toy.  Christian children have an added motivation to serve God.  They serve the same God and have the same spiritual gifts as the rest of us. Let's capture this, let's give them opportunities to serve.

The Salvation Army International Development (SAID) have some resources that will raise awareness of the needs of others and help your children make a difference.

  • Posters
  • Finger Puppets for your kids to make and use
  • Money Boxes to make and use
  • Games that create awareness
  • Story books.