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Every child will have a personal, confidential portfolio comprising of:

  • Child profile sheet
  • Goals from families and Educators
  • Observations
  • Objectives for further development
  • Work samples
  • Other relevant data

We currently use Kindyhub to help facilitate this for our educators and families.  Kindyhub has developed a simple, secure and user-friendly mobile app for families. Kindyhub gives families convenient access to view their child’s photos, learning and development status, as well as allowing easy communication with your childcare service.

Families can provide valuable input to their child’s early learning experiences enabling educators to continually refine and customise the learning journey.

Families enjoy 24/7 access to their child’s early learning experiences and retain ownership of all appropriate information uploaded to Kindyhub.

This portfolio is to be maintained and used as a direct tool for evaluation and future planning within the Centre’s program. This makes the program reflect the value of individuality and is not to be used as a means of comparison between peers or stereo types. The portfolios are a tool which work best when established collaboratively by educators, families and the children, therefore we encourage families to actively partake in this documenting process.  You will be given your child’s portfolio at the end of the school year or as they finish at the Centre. The portfolio will be used in parent/educator meetings throughout the year and is always available for you to review at your convenience.


Religious Education

During the course of the week we will share a bible story and song with the children.  Each room shares grace together (gives thanks) before each meal.  Should you have any concerns regarding your child’s participation, please discuss this with your child’s Educator (Nominated Supervisor & Program Director or Educational Leader).