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How to prepare your Child

How to prepare your child..

Orientation visits are an important start for your child and family to connect to our Centre. We request that each child attends the Centre in the company of a family member two (2) times before their enrolment starts. This gives you and your child the opportunity to gain an understanding of our program, the lay out of the room, where to find things, provide Educators with additional information about your child and how we can best support their transition and settling in period.


If your child is reluctant to attend, please discuss this with their assigned Educator so that they can develop strategies with you to support the transition from home to the Centre. You are welcome to take photos of your child in our environment to show and discuss at home.


‘Preschool Day Hooray’ By Linda Leopold Strauss, ‘Maisy goes to Preschool’ by Lucy Cousins, ‘What to expect at Preschool’ by Heidi Murkoff and ‘I love you all day long’ by Francesca Rusackas are some great books to read to your child leading up to their first day.