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Our fees start from $99.00 per day before the Child Care Subsidy (CSS) has been applied. This fee includes ALL meals, nappies and sunscreen for your child. 

Before the enrolment begins you need to ensure that you have contacted Centrelink so that you can be assessed for Child Care Subsidy.  You will also need to ensure that you and your child have a Customer Reference Number (CRN).

If you are eligible for the Child Care Subsidy, we can provide you with a quote. Simply give our office a call and provide us with your Child Care Subsidy percentage and Approved Eligible Hours. We can also discuss options for sessions times to ensure that you are receiving the maximum entitlement you are eligible for.

Please note: It is important that you and your child have a CRN and CCS percentage, and a new claim has been started with Centrelink to receive this benefit before they begin attending our centre. This is to ensure your Child Care Subsidy percentage can be applied straight away.

For information regarding the Child Care Subsidy and your Customer Reference Number head the the below links:

When enrolling your child there is a Booking Fee of $60 per child, which includes a hat and sheet bag  for your child.  Our Parent Levy of $60 per family is also payable on enrolment, and this is then charged annually at the beginning of each calendar year.

If you have any questions regarding our fees and charges, please don't hesitate to get in touch and we can provide you with further information.


Fee Payment

Our fees can be paid by Credit Card/Eftpos or Direct Debit (we will provide you with our bank details so you can set this up on your internet banking).

You can also use Centrepay to make regular deducations from your Centrelink payments.  Centrepay is an easy, voluntary payment option available to Centrelink customers. For more information and to set up your Centrepay deductions head to:

We can also assist you in setting this up, so plese don't hesitate to get in touch with our friendly administration staff to discuss this.


Child Care Subsidy

The Child Care Subsidy is the main way the Government assists families with their child care fees. It is a single, means-tested subsidy and is paid directly to child care providers to be passed on to families.The Child Care Subsidy takes into account:

  • combined family income, 
  • the amount of hours worked by parents each week and,
  • the type of care needed for each family.

It is required by the Government that the Child Car Subsidy compliance test be complated by each family online.MyGov is the central portal for communication regarding the means test.

For more information head to: