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Our Philosophy

1.1 We are part of the loving Christian community of The Salvation Army and this is reflected in the way we care for our children, relate to families and care for our staff;

1.2 We value all our educators and staff, and ensure their wellbeing;

1.3 We promote warm, trusting relationships and interactions between children, educators and families;

1.4 We create a safe, welcoming and stimulating environments for the children, and recognizing that they are active and competent learners, we consciously listen to them;

1.5 We encourage children to work things out on their own, support their agency, and build resilience;

1.6 We recognise parents as the children's first and most influential teachers, and work with them on their child's development by sharing information and expertise;

1.7 We recognize, respect and value the diversity of families, their unique culture, customs, background and demographics and ensure that we are inclusive in all ways;

1.8 We value the environment around us, and embed sustainability practices in our curriculum

1.9 We recognize and respect the traditional custodians of this land and are respectful of the culture and practices of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples;

1.10 We regularly reflect on our practice, commit to continuous quality improvement and support each other's ongoing professional development