Prayer Meetings

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As part of the worldwide Christian church, those who worship God believe in the power and necessity of prayer both on a personal level and with others in a community of faith.

It is every Christian's belief that prayer is the way we can communicate with God, something that is essential in developing a closer and more meaningful relationship between each individual and God. It is in this relationship that people find value, meaning and purpose in their lives as God reveals it.

One of the most wonderful experiences in Christian living is to be in prayer with others seeking and growing their relationship with God. There is a real sense that the collective prayers of many has a special meaning, even a greater power, especially when such people meet to pray for something or someone specifically.

Here at The Salvation Army, Campsie Corps, we hold regular weekly Prayer Meetings each Sunday morning from 9.30am to 10.00am. You are most welcome to attend and by all means, join us for our Sunday Worship in the Morning which follows shortly after.

We also hold a Prayer Breakfast on the first Saturday morning of each month from Februray to December. Our Home League have a 15 minute Prayer Meeting every Wednesday morning from 11.45am.