Bible Studies

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An important foundation in Christian living is the study of The Bible. For Christian's, The Bible is often referred to as "God's Word" because of the belief that The Bible contains those words that God would have us hear and learn from.

Understanding what The Bible is about, what it tries to teach, is no easy task and for many sadly, the challenge of understanding the message of The Bible is to complex and simply, to difficult to follow on their own. This is where meeting with others for Bible Study is a fantastic opportunity to discuss and learn with others about the meaning, many of which take on greater and deeper value when explained and shared amongst others.

For this purpose, a Bible Study groups meet every second Sunday afternoon from 12.30pm. This is a bilingual group where both Mandarin and english languages are incorporated. As well, on Wednesday morning from 10.30am each week, we have another Bible Study for women only. Every fourth Sunday of the month, we conduct a combined Bible Study Meeting. This hour long fellowship is usually led by a well respected Bible teacher.