Red Shield Appeal 2022

Doing a bucket load of good is easy

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Over the past two years Australians have done anything they could to get through. But when a crisis leads to even more crisis it can feel like there's no way back. This Red Shield Appeal we can make a life changing difference to those facing hardship.

To ensure that the harmful impacts of the past few year's events do not have a long-lasting effect on the most vulnerable in our community, we need your help.

Click here to donate or to join the Camberwell Salvos Team and fundraise with us.

Every day, we strive to change lives for the better. Your generosity means we can be there for the long haul, as we journey with others through their toughest days and into a more hopeful future; helping them find a way out and a way back.

Together, we can ensure no one is left in need.


can ease the stress for a struggling family setting up a new home with a kitchen starter park
can provide hearty meals for a week for someone experiencing homelessness
can help towards payment of a household bill for someone fallen into financial hardship
can assist toward's a child's school uniform and supplies for a year