Streetlevel Creations Team

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Streetlevel Creations is the name given to our Work for the Dole program. We run work for the dole projects in conjuction with Job Access Providers.  

Our program is very successful in helping Long term unemployed people regain confidence, develop employability skills and get back into the work force. 

We currently work in partnership with Help Enterprises for our Work for the Dole program. 


Previous projects have included: 

Project 1: Recreating community garged and bbq area.

Project 2: Easy As Cook Book - For people transition from homelessness

Project 3: Fundraising night to purchase Street Swags - A night with Billy Moore

Project 4: Reignite Hope Social Enterprise and tshirts.

Project 5: Creating and catering a fundraising lunch event. 

Project 6: Art Show