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Introducing Nanna Fitty's Fruit Cake Cycling Club


With origins from the land of the long white cloud with the aroma in the air of Nanna Fitty baking her famous fruit cakes, the NFFCCC was formed.

NFFCCC is a group of guys and girls who enjoy all things cycling and having their bodies fuelled with the magnificence of fruit cake.

Riding in various locations around Brisbane predominantly on Saturday mornings this is an all-inclusive group for people who want to get fit, see Brisbane and have great company. Coffee always involved!


Ride for Homeless

Partnering with The Salvation Army Streetlevel for our Ride for Homeless challenge saw a unique opportunity to align with one of Australia’s most trusted not-for-profit organisations to raise money for a worthwile cause.

We believe we will be making a genuine difference in your community by helping to change the lives of those in need.