Prison Ministries

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Streetlevel Prison Ministries

The Streetlevel Prison Ministry visits SL community members in prison and assists them in the following areas:

  • Locating and securing safe and suitable lodging to enable them to exit goal.

  • Sourcing and finding suitable accommodation

  • Writing support letters of support for Court and to Parole

  • Attending and supporting in Court

  • Contacting professional services to ensure post-release health appointments with medical, dental and optometrists

  • Acting as advocates

Testamonials from people we've served through our Prison Ministry

Andy, SL has provided me a really solid, reliable foundation. The openness of the place and some of the folks here has provided a sense of safety, which for someone like me with trust issues from so much jail has been a real blessing to me. And I'm finding that the more I come, the more those connections grow. Thank you Street Level😊

Hi Andy, well how has the Street Level prison chaplaincy helped me since my release. Well initially I was assisted with a hand up in getting some clothing and then when I moved into a boarding house I was assisted with food etc, but by far the greatest assistance I received was being accepted for who I was, and the support and encouragement I received to stay on the right path, and stay out of prison, I have become a regular at Street Level and have established a network of good people. I am sure that without the support and love that I have been shown I would be in prison now. Thank you Andy, cheers

Streetlevel Prison Ministry is under the leadership of Andy Steele.