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Have you thought about how you can continue to give your tithes and offerings during this time where you are not able to physically place them in the offering bag? This is what somebody from our church shared recently...

I think churches will be closed for services for some time so I think making my offering each fortnight online using my bank account will be best, even though I love the feel of the envelope. Times are a-changing - methods are a-changing. I have never been in want since I began to tithe. Giving is a discipline and I think perhaps, that discipline flows through your everyday decision making.

There are a number of ways you can give financially to BCT:

  • you can give your tithe & offering via direct debit (for our regular church family members)
  • you can obtain a envelope number for your tithe & offering from the church office (for our regular church family members) 
  • you can place your tithe & offering in a giving envelope and place it in the offering bag at church (when church is back up and running)

If you haven't yet setup direct debit for your giving, here are our bank details for your convenience.

Bank Account details are:

NAME:  The Salvation Army BCT   

BSB Number:  034 004                                      

Account Number:  810612 

Please indicate one of the following options...

    (eg. #61 SMITH)

If you are wanting to give to the general work of The Salvation Army, you can do that from this link...