Children's Ministries

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Brass Band

Tuesdays Nights of the school term at Box Hill Salvos is a great night of music for young people!

The each week starts with our Brass Band* for young people. 

Young People in Grades 3 and up are welcome to join us!

Lessons from 5:45pm-6:30pm

Rehersals from 6:30-7:15pm

*Note:There is a fee for the term towards hiring instruments and to help with repairs and music. Talk to our Children's Pastor for more information.

Singing Company

Tuesdays Nights of the school term at Box Hill Salvos is a great night of music for young people!

Singing Company finishes off our Tuesday Nights.

From 7:30pm-8:15pm 

All young people from Prep to Grade 12 are welcome!

Junior Soldiers

Junior Soldiers is a children's program that runs during our 11am church service.

At Box Hill children 7-12 years old can come along and participate in this program that helps teach not just what life following Jesus is about but also how to grow to be world changers in their every day life!

Junior Soldiers is an international program. Below is more information about what it means to be a Junior Soldier in the Salvation Army.

What is a Junior Soldier?

Junior Soldiers are young people aged 7-18 who have made a decision to be a follower of Jesus and who want to grow and express their faith through ministry within the Salvation Army. Junior Soldiers are therefore junior members of The Salvation Army.

The Salvation Army takes seriously the capacity of children to have an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ. This means children are just as capable to participate in the mission of God as adults. Local leaders in The Salvation Army nurture young people on their spiritual journey helping them to develop their faith, their understanding of God, the Bible and the teachings of Jesus and to equip them with skills and values for their everyday living including what they think, say, do and the decisions/choices that they make. Soldiers are challenged to think about the way that they engage with their community and also have the opportunity to participate in special projects that will make a difference in their local or global community.