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If you are unsure whether you need support for your addiction you can read further downloadable information here to help you make your decision. 

Information about Drug Addiction (PDF)
Information about Alcohol Addiction (PDF)
More information about Gambling (PDF)

The START Community involves Treatment aspects that include classes and pastoral care, Assessment and Advocacy to outside services, legal and financial interventions, Rehabilitation services and Therapy in the form of group work. We practice and offer basic Christian principles of inclusion with a loving community.

Wanting to help a loved one? If you have a loved one with an addiction, we can provide family counselling to help you understand the condition and steps to recovery. Call now 0437 951 545

START aims to

  • Provide a happy and safe environment where participants can find new directions and meaning to life—physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
  • Foster a sense of personal responsibility whilst encouraging loyalty to the group as a whole so that the welfare of the group is enhanced.
  • Facilitate integration back into the community with the best possible chance of success in maintaining a lifestyle that is free of alcohol and/or other drug abuse.

Case Management Assessment and Referral

START is an entry point for people who are looking for help with addictive behaviours, understanding that there are many people that find it difficult to navigate the process of beginning treatment in addictions. 

START helps people access services, and allow for people who are waiting to enter clinical services such as rehabilitation and therapeutic communities or withdrawal units, but are on a waiting list that is months long, giving a gap between service provision and the desire to seek treatment.
START fills in that gap and provides a community that gives support to both the participants and the families of the participants, whether that be through referral or pastoral care.

Group Therapy

The START Community is a drop in centre with a 6-week cyclic program that allows for people to enter at any time. There is no specific exit point, with participants allowed to continue in the Community for as long as they like. The Community has a strong emphasis on basic addiction education and awareness in group settings, while encouraging community connection through activities.

We aim to foster a sense of personal responsibility whilst encouraging loyalty to the group as a whole so that the welfare of the group is enhanced.

Some of the types of holistic community activities which are beneficial to participants include: Art, meals, recreational activities, Positive Lifestyle Program, AA or NA meetings, 12 step program, harm minimisation, anger management, health and nutrition, spiritual awareness, life skills, communication skills and work therapy.

Individual Counselling

Addiction often has a root cause which you may not be aware of. By speaking with our trained ministry and social workers you can more clearly identify the source of your addictive behaviour. Counselling reveals negative mindsets that are not helpful to you, and can lead you to change the way you think about yourself.

Counselling is held in a safe and confidential manner, where you can learn about addiction, self esteem, mind and body, stress management, mental health awareness, assertiveness, community integration and relapse prevention. You can learn to take steps to break away from your old realities.

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