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Congratulations on starting the process to recovery and finding hope and happiness

At The Salvation Army START Community we are aware of the significant impact of addiction on health, mental health, lifestyle and family members.

We have trained and skilled people to come along side, supporting, as you walk the journey of recovery. 

All our staff are qualified practitioners with many years of experience in the AOD sector and some understand addiction firsthand and have their own success story from the START Community.

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Why the Salvation Army START Community?

At The Salvation Army START we value human dignity, justice, hope, compassion and community. Our staff have many years experience and have seen many success stories—restoring suffering people's sense of worth and dignity. We look to help the individual break free—in mind, body and spirit to making healthy choices and decisions.

Understanding Addiction

Alcohol and substance use is often the result of a deeper personal issue, that the addict may be unaware of, some sort of trauma or personal crisis that they are unable to cope with. Often we find addicts have suffered some sort of abuse or they feel they just don't fit in and begin to use substances to numb the pain or fill a void.

Once a person starts to use a substance they immediately feel a sense of relief and peace, however, this is short lived. As they continue to use they lose all ability to control how much they take and problems start to surface—relationships suffer as the user becomes unpredictable and difficult to live with—work begins to suffer, as they are not putting in their best. Finances can become an issue as drugs and alcohol are expensive to sustain. Legal issues can begin to surface from acts of crime, drink driving and other circumstances. The user will have health issues; depression, psychotic episodes and other health problems can manifest. They become trapped in a dangerous cycle where substance use numbs the pain for a while. We can help break this cycle. Find out more 

Cycle of addiction

Our model

If you are on a never-ending cycle with addiction,
whichever kind of addiction you have,
do you want to stay in that place?
We can partner with you to help you overcome this illness. 
We understand, as we have had many years of experience walking with people
and seeing them move into a life of happiness and success. 
Addiction is not a battle to fight on your own. 
We understand what you are going through. 
Pick up the phone and call us. There are no waiting lists. 
We offer individual counselling, group therapy, personal development
and a road to success.

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