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Prayer Newsletter 1.3

17 August 2010

... Read more

New Life Skill Training

New Life Skill Training

28 May 2010

The Salvation Army Bellarine Peninsula has been in operation for nearly five months. In that time we... Read more

Week 7 - Raising Lazarus from the dead

30 April 2010

Week 7 Either read or watch this first miracle of Jesus every day for a week, before moving onto th... Read more

Jesus says we should make a difference.

Jesus says we should make a difference.

24 March 2010

This weeks Teaching Podcast, Lt. Peter Hobbs speaks on Revelation 3: 14-22, Jesus letter to the Chu... Read more

New Teaching Resources

New Teaching Resources

5 March 2010

There are new teaching resources available for those connected with The Salvation Army Bellarine Pen... Read more

Who is Jesus?

29 January 2010

The actual historical existence of Jesus of Nazareth is rarely questioned nowadays. Most knowledgea... Read more