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Healing Art

We have amazing artists who volunteer their time to lead a community group called Healing Art . Healing Art  uses creative practices to promote healing within a positive caring community. We long to see individuals to be empowered to release the beauty that is in all of us, we all have something to offer the community we live in.

Healing Art Leader Carmela Zebic says " We all have a story to tell, and sometimes we don't have the words to express or feel comfortable talking about matters of the heart that breaks us all, but through Healing Art we don't need to use words. For me personally it releases tension, fear and opening the mind to passionate creativity and the creator spirit, the inner artist and healer merge as one”.

Our vision is to create a caring community as a safe place to optimise the art and healing experience. If art is not for you come in for a chat to a cook, a lead lighter, musician, gardner, writer, video and radio producer or we'll find something that connects with you over a coffee or tea. Healing Art is intentionally created and crafted to be a loving and non judgmental community.

Participant of the project, Julia says "some weeks I come feeling a little flat, and after spending time expressing how I feel and sharing with the wonderful people here I go away feeling so much better".

"You don't need to be an artist or healer", says Carmela. "You just need to be human and want to heal something in your life or grow as a person, like any journey it takes work, creativity and play". The transformation will allow you to enjoy the gift of who you are as a human being. Let your healing art journey reflet who you are,

Call me, the Healing Art Co-ordinator Carmela Zebic on 0401 059 669 for more information.

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