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Junior Soldiers

The Salvation Army takes seriously the capacity of children to have an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ. This means children are just as capable to participate in the mission of God as adults. A Junior Soldier is any 7 to 18 year old boy or girl who professes a faith in Jesus Christ.

Once signing the Junior Soldier’s promise they pledge to become active participants in God's mission through The Salvation Army. Junior Soldiers will not only teach kids about faith in Jesus, but it will equip them with life and communication skills, honourable values, and build into them a confidence and desire to be whatever God created them to be.  

The Salvation Army has Junior Soldiers in every state and territory in Australia and in over 122 countries around the world. These soldiers regularly meet to learn about Jesus and faith, and put this new faith into practice by caring for people in their own family, community and greater social networks. If you would like to enlist in this ever growing phenomenon of young spiritual activists changing the world for good then click here.

Captains Peter and Diane Hobbs regularly host Junior Soldier Preparation Classes.  We’d love for you to come along to find out what it’s all about so you can get involved.

Once preparation is complete the child will be enrolled as a Junior Soldier at a public gathering. Each Junior Soldier will be given a unique Junior Soldier T-Shirt (uniform) and a badge (pin) with rings to indicate which level of activity they have attained (similar to a bar on a military medal).

So don’t waste a minute and register today.