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Salvos Power Hour Registration

The Salvo Power Hour volunteer opportunity if for people aged 16 and over. 

Volunteering is a good way to meet new people and become part of a community of committed supporters. It's also a great way to improve your skills and career prospects, and of course you'll be playing a vital role in helping us to invest in struggling children's lives.

Personal Details

Volunteer Information

Emergency Contact


The benefit for a reference for us is it verifies the information you have provided us. It also provides us with additional information on your skills, performance, knowledge, and work history from a source in addition to you. 

Media Permission

I hereby grant permission to The Salvation Army to use photographs and/or video of me taken during the Power Hour Program in publications, news releases, online, and in other communications related to the mission of The Salvation Army.

Integrity Check Information

Integrity tests assess attitudes and experiences related to a person's honesty, dependability, trustworthiness, reliability, and pro-social behavior. 

Criminal History Check

The benefits of conducting police checks for us are: Promoting a safe working environment, protection of people (especially children), property, assets and information.



Working with Children Check

The Working with Children (WWC) Check helps to protect children from sexual or physical harm by checking a person's criminal history for serious sexual, violence or drug offences and findings from professional disciplinary bodies.




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